Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Business

We offer kraft paper tape, tape dispensers and mesh bags. The paper tape seals boxes eco-friendly without plastic. The dispensers let you wrap efficiently with tape while the Organic Mesh Bags ship foods or loose items - tough but break down without harm. All are sustainable materials for planet-friendly packaging.

We use recycled corrugated boxes, GOTS organic cotton mesh bags , and recycled Kraft paper tape. Our holiday packaging is made from FSC certified paper, ensuring responsible sourcing from well-managed forests. These thoughtful packaging options help you reduce waste, promote eco-friendly business practices, and avoid single-use packaging throughout supply chain

Choosing eco-packaging from Plantish supports ESG and impact reporting requirements. Our renewable materials let you report less plastic usage, waste and carbon footprint which aid ESG scoring.

You can check our catalog of products available for customization and private labeling on our website. If the particular product you're looking to brand is not in our catalog, please reach out to us at

Kraft Paper Tape

With the Kraft Paper Tape, you can keep your products secure within the box similar to scotch tape. They have a strong resistance to moisture and humidity when dried.

We advocate in plastic-free products and also in our packaging.

Kraft Paper Tape

Plantish Future Home & Kitchen 1 Roll Kraft Paper Tape Top View
Plantish Future Home & Kitchen 2 Rolls Kraft Paper Tape Top View
Plantish Future Home & Kitchen Kraft Paper Tape Side View
Plantish Future Home & Kitchen Kraft Paper Tape Top View
Plantish Future Home & Kitchen Kraft Paper Tape Top View
Comparison of Different Types of Tapes

Kraft Paper Tape

This water-activated gummed paper tape made of kraft paper and cornstarch-based adhesive is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to sellotapes or scotch tapes.  

Compared to plastic ones, our tapes are easy to use without the use of scissors, dispensers or teeth and offer a better degree of closure, sealing and protection with a very strong resistance to tears, making it the perfect glue for transit.

It is completely natural, 100% biodegradable/compostable, plastic-free, and eco-responsible.

Dimensions: 4.8 cm X 45 m or 1.89 inch X 49.21 yards 


  • strong and durable: forms a strong, long-lasting bond
  • easy to use: easy to tear and attach
  • eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable and biodegradable
1. tear a length of tape you need
2. use a sponge to wet the adhesive side of the tape
3. tape to opening of the box to seal
  • being 100% plastic-free and compostable, these tapes can be recycled along with the box they are stuck to
Why Water-activated Kraft Tape?
  • other kraft tapes like hot melt kraft tape uses hot melt adhesive which is often made of thermoplastic hence not always eco-friendly
  • when water-activated gum tapes completely dry off, they have strong resistance to moisture and humidity

Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser

Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser

Introducing our Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser, made with ABS material, non-toxic and safe to use in a variety of ways. The side loading design with secure pin, coupled with a sink under the permeable fiber cloth sponge shaft, facilitates easy roll threading, ensuring smooth unrolling without tearing. 

This lightweight dispenser is perfect for sealing under ten boxes daily. Supporting 1 to 3 inches wide reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape, it's ideal for retail, small offices, or home offices. The stability is ensured with two small clamps, offering efficient and hassle-free packaging.

**kraft paper tape is not included**

Dimensions: 32cm x 10.3cm x 13.3cm


  • cuts tape neatly: ensures precise cutting for a polished finish. Effectively wets and dispenses gummed tapes for seamless application
  • versatile and portable: perfect for retail, small offices, or home offices.
  • affordable for small operations: tailored for businesses sealing under ten boxes daily, our dispenser is small business-friendly, offering budget-friendly pricing
  • efficient gummed tape application: designed to effectively wet and dispense gummed tapes, enhancing the overall packaging process

1. open the side loading compartment and add Kraft Paper Tape
2. thread the tape through the designated path for smooth dispensing.
3. fill the sink with water

  • dispose of the Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser responsibly by separating recyclable components for recycling bins. follow local guidelines for non-recyclables, minimizing environmental impact
Why Water-activated Kraft Tape Dispenser?
  • the Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser offers easy, efficient use, making it ideal for quick and smooth packaging in various settings.
  • crafted from non-toxic ABS material, fully recyclable, providing durability and environmental consciousness.

Cotton Bags

Discover the versatility of our GOTS certified Organic Bags. These eco-friendly storage solutions are designed to replace flimsy and toxic plastic bags. Available in different sizes to cater to your specific needs, these bags offer a multitude of uses. From organizing small items to carrying groceries, they provide a sustainable and convenient storage option.

Set of 2 Organic Mesh Bags

Set of 2 Organic Mesh Bags

Ditch those plastic bags with our organic mesh bags to collect small or intimate items for travelling or laundry to keep them from ever going missing!

This organic cotton mesh bag replaces the need to use flimsy and toxic plastic bags as a multipurpose and eco-friendly storage solution. It comes with a drawstring to keep little items safe and secure.

Delicate clothing like underwear, bras, and lingerie often wears out quickly in the washing machine. Using these mesh bags can ensure the effectiveness of washes while also protect delicate clothing.

Not sure which produce bag to get? Check out our blog on How to Choose Between Grocery Bags! 

  • 2 Organic Mesh Bags (17 x 15.5cm/6.7 x 6in)
  • organic cotton: grown without pesticides, better for the environment and the human body
  • quick-drying: no more wet smell from plastic bags
  • multi-purpose: use it for storage at home, travelling or laundry
  • durable and economical: last way longer than plastic and petroleum-based fabric
    • store masks, fresh produce, dried foods, etc
    • store delicate clothing for travelling or laundry
      Care Tips
      1. machine wash in cold water
      2. air dry

      • cut into small pieces before composting to avoid getting caught in the compost machine, avoid bleaching

      Hoilday Packaging

      Our packaging is proudly made from FSC certified paper, ensuring responsible sourcing from well-managed forests. By choosing FSC certified holiday packaging, you can showcase your commitment to environmental stewardship while delivering a festive and memorable experience to your customers.