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Q & A with Founder - Lydia Li

    1. What's Plantish/Plant-ish?
    2. How did you come up with the name Plantish? 
    3. Why establish Plantish? 
    4. Where is Plantish located? 
    5. Where do you see Plantish going? 
    6. What is one must-try Plantish product? 


    What's Plantish/Plant-ish?

    Plantish is founded on zero waste, plastic-free & vegan principles. We desire to create a community while sharing inter-generational wisdom and a passion for plant-based products.

    How did you come up with the name Plantish?

    The name comes from a state of being patient with slow growth, inspired by plants. 

    Watching the process of seed transforming to a plant has made me reflect deeply on the process of slow growth, being patient with that mindset and how that can be carried over to sustainable practices in our lifestyles. Although I know we must work powerfully and effectively collectively to reduce plastic waste, we also need to be patient and gentle with one another and our own existence. 

    Why establish Plantish?

    Zero Waste is no new concept, it has been around for generations manifesting in various ways in different societies.  When I was a kid living in a small village, I witnessed how elders like my grandma lived a frugal and economically responsible life, without the use of plastic. Individuals in smaller villages turn to nature in searching for supplies to work with and lead more sustainable, low-waste lives because of it. I recall the natural loofah sponge my grandma used for dishwashing and showering, which prompted me to research natural alternatives to the man-made loofah. 

    As I found that more people were also having difficulties finding zero waste products, I decided to create a platform to make plant-based products available to more and to pass down the wisdom that previous generations shared with us, and products that Plantish has experience with and stands behind. 

    Where is Plantish located?

    We are a small business in Canada with operations in both Toronto and Vancouver (YES, we hire locally!). We ship our products to US and Canada and are exploring shipping to Europe and other parts of the world.

    For businesses, we provide a special wholesale program for worldwide. You can spot our products in more than 250+ brick and mortar stores as well as online shops and marketplaces in North America and other parts of the world. 

    Where do you see Plantish going?

    • Innovate and Advocate:  from product material, production, and shipping, we collect feedback and improve along the way.
    • Support Local: we prioritize working with local markers, artisans, retail businesses.
    • Shop for Causes: we are offering the options to donate to various causes very soon.
    • Pending B Corp: we plan to become a Certified B Corporation by 2022.
    • more to come! 

    More importantly, zero waste living is a journey, where mistakes will be made, lessons will be learnt and eventually taught with time. Plantish will always try to provide the best research and educate ourselves and our customers, while integrating new practices and products for the community. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

    Thank you for growing with Plantish. 

    What is one must-try Plantish product? 

    Definitely Solid Dish Soap! I cannot describe the joy of finding the perfect formula when creating this product in my studio in Vancouver. There're days that I sweat or sulk over my workload, I would cook some comfort food then clean my kitchen with the soap and Zero Waste Cleaning Set. Nothing more soothing compares to food and a squeaky clean kitchen!