Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser

Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser
Compact and Portable Tape Dispenser
Seamless Tape Threading and Unrolling
Durable ABS Construction
Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser
Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser
Effortless Side Loading with Secure Pin
Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser

Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser

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Introducing our Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser, made with ABS material, non-toxic and safe to use in a variety of ways. The side loading design with secure pin, coupled with a sink under the permeable fiber cloth sponge shaft, facilitates easy roll threading, ensuring smooth unrolling without tearing. 

This lightweight dispenser is perfect for sealing under ten boxes daily. Supporting 1 to 3 inches wide reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape, it's ideal for retail, small offices, or home offices. The stability is ensured with two small clamps, offering efficient and hassle-free packaging.

**kraft paper tape is not included**

Dimensions: 32cm x 10.3cm x 13.3cm


  • cuts tape neatly: ensures precise cutting for a polished finish. Effectively wets and dispenses gummed tapes for seamless application
  • versatile and portable: perfect for retail, small offices, or home offices.
  • affordable for small operations: tailored for businesses sealing under ten boxes daily, our dispenser is small business-friendly, offering budget-friendly pricing
  • efficient gummed tape application: designed to effectively wet and dispense gummed tapes, enhancing the overall packaging process

1. open the side loading compartment and add Kraft Paper Tape
2. thread the tape through the designated path for smooth dispensing.
3. fill the sink with water

  • dispose of the Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser responsibly by separating recyclable components for recycling bins. follow local guidelines for non-recyclables, minimizing environmental impact
  • the Kraft Paper Tape Dispenser offers easy, efficient use, making it ideal for quick and smooth packaging in various settings.
  • crafted from non-toxic ABS material, fully recyclable, providing durability and environmental consciousness.

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