Wooden Lint Remover

A wooden handled brush that lifts and removes lint, fuzz and pet hair from all fabrics such as knits, upholstery and clothing.
A handheld shaver with a wooden handle and fine brass teeth that removes pills, fuzz and lint from knitwear like sweaters to restore their softness.
A lightweight wooden shaver with non-scratch teeth that lifts lint and fuzz from a variety of surfaces including furniture fabrics, couch upholstery and throw blankets.
A sturdy wood and brass lint remover that can be used again and again, avoiding waste from disposable plastic rollers and sticky sheets.
A portable lint remover with a natural wood body that gently lifts lint and pet hair from all clothing items, keeping garments looking fresh.
A handheld remover with padded brass teeth that unravels lint balls and removes any fuzz balls or pills from fabric surfaces.

Wooden Lint Remover

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Gently maintain your favorite knits and furnishings with this sustainable fabric shaver. Its lightweight lint brush smooths lint, pills and pet hair from sweaters, couches and clothes. Crafted from long-lasting beechwood with a secure brass comb, it removes lint balls without risk of snagging delicate fibers. Compact and reusable, this shaver keeps multiple fabrics lint-free wherever you go while avoiding landfill waste from disposable rollers.

Dimension: 7.8cm x 4.6cm


  • beech wooden frame: the lint roller boasts a sturdy beech wooden frame, ensuring lasting durability.
  • secure brass comb: the fine-toothed brass comb lifts even the smallest fuzzballs without risk of snagging delicate fibers.
  • plastic-free and natural: free from plastic, this comb is crafted from sustainable wood with no disposable components to landfill.

**test on an old sweater before widespread use to prevent potential snags.**

  • roll the lint roller over your fabrics, ensuring the beech wooden frame and secure brass comb make contact. glide smoothly to effortlessly remove unsightly pills and bobbles.
      • regular cleaning: after each use, gently remove lint, hair, and other debris from the brass comb. 

      • avoid water: do not wash the wooden part with water, as this can cause the wood to swell, warp, or crack. If the brass roller needs cleaning, do so carefully and ensure the wood does not get wet.

      • dry storage: always store the lint remover in a dry place. excessive humidity or dampness can damage the wood and cause corrosion in the brass.

      • handle with care: beechwood, while durable, can still be damaged by drops or hard knocks. handle your lint remover gently to avoid any damage.

      • wipe the wooden frame and brass comb with a soft, damp cloth for effective cleaning.
      • protect against moisture exposure to prevent warping or damage; store in a dry place.
      • periodically check the brass comb for wear, and replace if necessary for optimal performance.

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